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EcoWater of Kansas

About Us

It all started modestly with a handful of employees back in 1981, when Ralph and Roni Moore acquired a small Lindsay Water dealership in Wichita, Kansas.

Today that business has grown into one of the largest EcoWater dealers in the United States employing nearly 40 water professionals.

As one of the leading full-service water treatment companies in the country, EcoWater Systems of Kansas is renowned for providing unmatched solutions for both municipal and well water customers in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

“We only have one mission: to be the most customer-oriented, highest-quality, value-driven water treatment company in our industry and make every customer’s experience pleasant enough where they will want to share their experience with others for the long-term growth of our business.”
Ralph and Roni Moore (Owners)

Our Products

Why select EcoWater as your brand of choice? With a legacy exceeding 85 years, built on best-in-class technological innovation, EcoWater continues to set the standard for the industry as a whole. As the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems, EcoWater’s expertise and commitment for improving the quality of water are second to none. Our advanced product engineering also helps reduce energy consumption and extends appliance life cycles, all of which lead to a smaller ecological footprint.

Our Work Ethic

Standing behind everything we do, EcoWater Systems’ highly-skilled and trained water service specialists are among the best in Kansas. They will treat your home with the utmost respect and care. Our field water service specialists have the proper knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose and repair problems quickly and efficiently.

Our Commitment

EcoWater Systems has been managed by the same owners, servicing the same region for more than 30 years. EcoWater Systems is a licensed, insured and bonded contractor. The company’s performance, experience and products are considered the best available in the state. We promise that everything we do is of the highest quality.

Our Community

EcoWater has strong community roots. This is not only a place we work, but a place we live. We volunteer in the communities we serve, and provide sponsorships for causes important to those communities.


Our staff has earned the following licenses and certifications:

  • Certified Water Specialists through the Water Quality Association (WQA) VI (highest level)
  • WQA Certified Contractual Operator
  • EcoWater Systems Certified Sales Representatives
  • EcoWater Systems Certified Service Technicians
  • PA DEP Certified Operators for Disinfection
  • PA Home Improvement Contractor #PA015840

Our top-of-the-line products from EcoWater Systems have earned the following certifications:

  • WQA Gold Seal
  • NSF International
  • UL Recognized Component Seal
  • The EcoWater Advantage Warranty – The best warranty and assurance package in the industry

A History of EcoWater

EcoWater—90 Years of Quality

EcoWater was founded 90 years ago by Lynn G. Lindsay Sr. when he received a patent for his automatic water softener. Since then EcoWater has continued to be on the forefront of innovation in the water refinement industry.

In the 1950’s the EcoWater water softener was upgraded with high capacity resin, increasing the ability to remove contaminants. Through the 1970’s through 2014, EcoWater has remained a leader in water refinement with improvements such as space-saving tank designs, electro-mechanical timers and microprocessor based electronic controls, and now, wireless controls and smartphone apps put information and control in the customer’s hands instantly.

EcoWater is Environmentally Friendly

A commitment to using water responsibly is part of our company DNA and from design, to manufacturing, and final consumer use, EcoWater products are environmentally conscious. EcoWater Water Systems use less energy and our water softeners, conditioners and refiners regenerate as needed which saves 50% on water and salt versus timer-based products.

When you use less water, you reduce your carbon footprint. EcoWater water refiners reduce the need for soap, chemicals and cleaning products, which means you use less water, and less contaminants make it into your community’s water system.

Research and Development—EcoWater Sets the Standard

EcoWater holds hundreds of patents for our water refinement technology and our product quality sets the standard in the industry. We design and manufacture 95% of our products and components and have earned certifications from third-party organizations committed to quality.
As a Water Quality Association (WQA) member, we belong to a not-for-profit international trade association representing the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry.
International Organization for Standardization of Geneva, Switzerland is among the world’s most widely accepted quality systems standards. EcoWater was the first manufacturer of water treatment products to be ISO certified.
National Sanitation Foundation International sets standards for food service, swimming pools and health care equipment, testing and certifying products in compliance with public health. Water Quality Association performs rigid equipment tests for the water treatment industry.
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. evaluates representative samples of systems for UL requirements.
Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certification is the Canadian counterpart to Underwriters Laboratories.
An independent laboratory has tested electronic products to meet European Union standards on electrical interference and low voltage.
Federal Communication Commission mark indicates a device is in compliance with FCC regulations.
At EcoWater, we have a detailed quality assurance program. We employ a supplier quality certification process, statistical process control, final assembly tests, corrective and preventive action systems and finished goods audits. That is why we are completely confident that the equipment we produce for you meets our stringent standards of quality.

What People are Saying

  • We just had our yearly filters changed and the service tech, Brent, was awesome at explaining everything he was doing. He answered all of my questions and was very professional.

    Sindi C.

  • Ecowater has done an amazing job as usual. Very help and super informative. Mitch took the time to explain everything and was extremely courteous. Great customer service.

    Jessica M.

  • Chad came out and answered my questions. Fast and efficient service. I got to learn the numbers of how our water is doing now! Feel safer drinking our own water!

    Ashley M.

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